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The Weekend Escape: Might As Well Forget About It

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We're sorry you are still in the office and not already plowing through your third mojito and sailing away for blackout island. We'd at least like to bring you the good news that the roads are still clear and you won't spend the first five hours after leaving the office stuck on the LIE inhaling exhaust.
We'd like to but we can't. According to Traffic.Com, you are totally screwed. The traffic jam on either side of midtown tunnel is completely jammed. So it looks like it is either the LIRR or another Friday night in your usual Friday night haunts, except that they'll be weirdly abandoned. There won't even be any girls out tonight because instead of going to some place where they might actually meet a man, they'll all be seeing some film about girls looking for men.
You're probably better off staying in town anyway. It's going to be cold and windy all weekend. Isolated thunderstorms in the morning will become severe in the afternoon. They're even talking about hail. Good luck.


Like this but worse. By Anonymous [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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