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This Changes Everything

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Kate Kelly isn't the only one giving us an early preview of (what's got to be) her forthcoming book on Bear Stearns! For his latest Trader Monthly column, out today, CNBC's Charlie Gasparino hops aboard the J-Cay train, for a little look-see at what we hope in our heart of heart's will be titled When Mooks Fail.
One spoiler, in particular, is quite disappointing. While we'll still certainly read the free galley, the reality that, barring a miracle wherein Cayne scrapes the funds together to start using again, WMF won't contain a chapter detailing the dynamic duo's weekly hot boxing sessions, is a very bitter pill to swallow. We imagine our sadness is on par with the BSC employees whose life savings' went up in smoke 'cause someone was having too much fun at bridge camp to make it into work. Perhaps worse. Sayeth the destroyer of dreams:

"Let me say up front that I know Cayne better than most journalists; I have had a long reporter-source relationship with him. I have never seen him stoned -- not once."

The line "The summer of 2007 was a hot one for ­Jimmy Cayne" is slightly redeeming, though if he'd really wanted to make amends, he would've gone with "It was a dark and stormy night for Jimmy Cayne." Whatever. Nothing can stop the unbearable sadness about this permeating DBHQ at this time.
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