Update: Charlie Gasparino's (Stomach Has) Got Something To Say


Sooo. Moments after we announced our latest market moving experiment, inspired by the stomach rumblings of Charlie Gasparino, C to the G called us to “set the record straight.” Gasparino, who seemed a bit perturbed at Barron’s writer Jonathan Laing’s suggestion that he’d been fed the “Ambac or MBIA will be downgraded” story by Bill Ackman, told us: “A lot of journalists take shots at people without calling them first. This guy lacks the integrity to call me first and at least find out if something is right or wrong. He failed Journalism 101.” Prepared, network-approved comments aside, however, we’ve heard that Gasparino put it slightly less lightly to friends, saying: “This guy didn’t have the balls or the brains to call me. If he had half a brain or half a testicle, he would have at least dialed me up before I fly out to Chicago and dial him up. I hope he sleeps well tonight.” When asked to confirm that the harsher, mildly more litigious words had exited his mouth, CG only offered “no comment.” You do the math. (And: start doing something with that Bear news I mentioned. Time’s running out!)