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We're Going To Be Huge In Calgary

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We don’t usually bother with trying to win polls or prizes. It’s just not out thing. We’d rather spend our energies bringing you fake Citigroup ads or reporting on the latest ways Ace Greenberg has found to insult Jimmy Cayne.
But this morning a loyal reader directed our attention to the Globe & Mail’s poll asking “Who are your five favourite finance or investment bloggers?” (They’re Canadian, so they haven’t yet learned to spell “favorite” correctly.) A host of our own favorite blogs are listed there, as well as quite a few we’ve never heard of. But it was a bit embarrassing to discover that we’re currently ranked below Canadian Capitalist, which describes itself as a “Canadian personal finance” zzzzzzzzzz.
We fell asleep. Where were we? Oh, right. We’ve decided we want to win the poll. So click here and vote for DealBreaker, please. Thanks.