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Why Was Dimon So Touchy About The Guarantee Details?

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What was it that prompted JP Morgan cheif Jamie Dimon to call Citigroup's Vikram Pandit a jerk? Apparently Pandit was asking how the deal to buy Bear Stearns would affect the risk to Bear's trading partners on certain long-term contracts. This was a crucial issue because many of Bear's counter-parties had been unwinding contracts for fear the investment bank might collapse. As part of the deal, JP Morgan had put in place a durable guarantee that it hoped send a very strong signal that would stop the run on Bear.
But for some reason the Pandit's question irked Mr. Dimon. "Stop being such a jerk," he told Pandit. A little over a week later, JP Morgan would attempt to get out of the guarantee and unnamed sources started saying that JP Morgan never meant to enter into it to begin with.