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Your Big Money Idea Of The Day: Sharks

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Periodically, we like to check in and see how the tiny, personal investments of our favorite rich boys are doing. They have P&L departments to let them know, for example, how their bets on Anheuser-Busch are turning out, but who's tracking, for example, Paul Tudor Jones' gamble on moon boots*? DealBreaker. Though they don't speak of if publicly, we're confident the big guys think of us as their unofficial P&L division for very minor acquisition. The bad news is that Larry Robbins' investment in boy-band memorabilia is doing so hot. The good news is that shark attacks are up and the shark population is going down. You know what that means--big money for S-b C.
Perhaps now he'll finally take the plunge and submerge the entire trading floor in formaldehyde to make room for the new fish Hirst is working on, which actually serves two purposes: 1. It'll increase his stake in these cash cows, which have quadrupled in value since they started ramping up the attacks on people 2. It'll weed out those who can make money only under conditions in which their lungs aren't filled with H2CO, and those who can make money at all times.

Shark Attacks on the Rise
Surge in fatal shark attacks blamed on global warming [Guardian]
Shark Attacks off Mexico's Pacific Coast Worst in 30 years [TransWorldNews]
Sharks swim closer to extinction [BBC]
*FWIW, PTJ's bet on subprime doesn't even come close to his (multi-million dollar) wager on moon boots, the demand for which has skyrocketed following a seminal scene in The Forty Year Old Virigin.