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Zap! Pow! Spliff! The Bear Stearns Meltdown In Easily Digestible Cartoon Form

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If this is the new Wall Street Journal, BRING.IT.ON. The Batman-looking cartoons plunked down in the middle of an A1 article are definitely something we will wholeheartedly get behind. Some suggestion to take things to the next level:
a. Drop the pretense. Lose the text and make it one long comic strip
b. You need a hero god damn it! It might seem like there aren't any in this story but there must be a wronged mortgage trader who tried to alert the higher ups as to the shit that was going down, perhaps? Whatever. Use creative license. Make it revolve around that guy coming back from the dead and seeking vengeance.
c. To clearly delineate the bad guys, put a paunchy Jimmy Cayne in an ill-fitting Riddler Suit (we'd do it but we don't have the budget (/can't draw)).
d. End on a cliff hanger. Riddler Cayne should say something like "This is the last day of our acquaintance. I will meet you later in somebody's office," as inspired by Sinead O'Connor. Maniacal laughter before he jumps out the window, etc. Maybe have his dealer waiting with the engine running on Vanderbilt. Your call.

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