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"A lot of people die fighting tyranny. The least I can do is vote against it." ---Carl Icahn, 1988

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So, apparently Carl Icahn has made six posts already on his blog, dating back to June 12th, even though the site was not even up yet. Impressive. Where'd he procure that time machine?
Icahn has already hit a broad range of topics ranging from his fierce opposition to "poison pills" to the myth of corporate democracy.
He seems to love using the word "absurdity," as three of the titles of his posts include the word: "Absurdity of the Corporate Board Elections," "Absurdity of the Staggered Board," and finally, "Absurdity of the Poison Pill."
That's a lot of absurd things in Corporate America.
Icahn puts forth a lot of ideas to improve what he believes are hindrances to shareholders' rights, including the elimination of poison pills and staggered boards. He calls the way that CEOs today actually become CEOs a "survival of the unfittest."
Icahn declares, "allow[ing] entrenched corporate interest to sustain this anti-shareholder regime is outrageous." Another great line: "It is the top level management that hangs like an albatross around the company's neck."
Well said, Carl. Keep the material coming.
Corporate Democracy Is A Myth [Icahn Report]
-- Senior Icahn chronicler Travis


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