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Alan Schwartz Declining Offer From JPMorgan Cayne?

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The Post reports that former Bear CEO Alan Schwartz may be having second thoughts about taking a job at Bearpont Morgan Chase. One source "familiar with the matter" says it's the humanist in Schwartz that's causing him to reconsider, claiming that the fact that more than half of Bear's employees are without jobs (though not without pay) is "not sitting well with him."
Another countered that JPMorgan is the one balking at the hire, which would be almost as bad as inviting Jimmy Cayne along for the ride, even in the capacity as (Wal-Mart-esque) greeter. Both parties declined to comment and this is obviously a very tough decision for Schwartz. And he may very well join the handful of former BSC-ers who actually got jobs over on Park. But should he show some solidarity and say no thanks, he's going to have some time on his hands. If that turns out to be the case, what should Schwartz do next?

a.Join Jimmy Cayne for an intense summer at bridge camp, reassess professional plans in August
b.Intern with Rich Marin Movie Review Associates (duties include buying tix on Fandango, smuggling candy purchased from Duane Reade past usher) for no pay
c.Brush up on magic skills for September audition as Ace Greenberg's assistant
d.Beg Ken Griffin to hire just one more ex-Bear at Citadel
e.Partner with Nick Maounis to trade war stories about blowing up in a week and lying about it
f.Tap contacts in Hollywood for acting gigs so as to add authenticity to use of Tatum O'Neal defense ('I'm researching a part [as a junkie.]') when busted for crack.
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