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Alan Schwartz "Judiciously" Deciding Between Sag Harbor And Seaside

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Like many of the former Bear Stearns workers not currently employed, erstwhile CEO Alan Schwartz will be taking the summer off to plot his next career move. (Things are slightly different for Schwartz in that he has actual job offers, but whatevs.) Supposedly he's deciding between staying with the newly formed Bearpont Morgan Chase, where the slot for a "We are drowning in liquidity" guy remains unfilled, or heading over to private equity, possibly with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. According to the Post, Schwartz has told friends that he's being "judicious" about the decision, though that quote was surely taken out of context and has less to do with Big Al's career trajectory than a late season summer share, having missed the deadline to join Jimmy Cayne at bridge camp.
Bear's Schwartz To Mull Bids Over Summer [NYP]