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All The Ex-President's Men

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As it turns out, Bill Clinton likes to hang around with a bunch of questionable characters.
His wealthy friends like to fill their private jets with young women, the big Vanity Fair story that everyone is talking about reveals. He pals around with the guy who knocked-up Elizabeth Hurley and sued Kirk Kerkorian for invasion of privacy. One of the supposed bad boys is grocery store magnate Ron Burkle, who shows up at a wedding in Paris with a woman who others say was "not much older than 19." But one of the most troubling associates is a guy familiar to longtime DealBreaker readers, a guy who has been known to hang around with girls who are much younger than 19.

Here's Todd Purdy, who is married to former Clinton aide Dee Dee Meyers, on Clinton's dirties friend.

Whatever the facts of Clinton's personal life, it is beyond dispute that he has associated with some decidedly unpresidential company. In 2002, Clinton flew to Africa with the New York investor Jeffrey Epstein on his private Boeing 727 on an anti-aids and economic-development mission. (Others on the mission included Kevin Spacey and the comedian Chris Tucker.) In 2006, Epstein was indicted on state charges of soliciting prostitution in Palm Beach, Florida, and he later came under investigation by federal authorities amid allegations that he hired under-age girls for massages and more in a house stocked with sex toys and genitalia-shaped soaps. He remains the subject of at least four pending civil lawsuits from young women and is reportedly expected to accept a plea deal on a state charge that would give him 18 months in prison, followed by house arrest, in lieu of a trial now set to begin this month.

Obviously we're totally shocked that Bill Clinton hangs around with the likes of Kevin Spacey.
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