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Barbara Walters Does Not Want To Talk About The Sex She Had With Alan Greenspan, Ace Greenberg 40 Years Ago

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Here's a pretty hideous injustice, the broader economic implications of which are yet unknown, though they most certainly will be dire: Barbara Walters, whose autobiography Audition details, among other things, her sometimes simultaneous doing of Alan Greenspan and Ace Greenberg, has left out any mention of the former Fed chair and the former Bear chair in the book's audio version. That's right, the (best!) chapter, entitled "Special Men in My Life," is skipped over completely. According to BaWa's publisher, Random House, the omission is due to time constraints, though that strikes as us a bold-faced lie. While one gets the sense that Greenberg is staving off the tears by keeping busy with his new job at JPMorgan, magic tricks and dog shows, Greenspan, whose retirement gig consists of feeding his own ego [8:00 am scan the papers for mentions, 8:45 am Google self, including nicknames, 9:30 am preserve legacy by making sure no one listens to Bernanke**], is clearly not taking the slap in the face in stride. Will he invoke the Law of Return and bring it back to Walters three-fold ("You leave me out of the audio component? I release the sex tape in high-def")? We'll just have to wait and see.
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**all performed from bathtub