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BeachComber: The Weekend Begins Here And Now

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Worn out by another ugly week in the markets? Don't worry, you still have time to sign up for BeachComber, DealBreaker's summertime email-only special newsletter. Even if you missed the first edition last week, by now you've probably heard DealBreaker launched a weekly newsletter focused on escaping work and engaging in leisure, especially in the Hamptons. Every Friday afternoon we'll update you on the expected weather, traffic and parties you'll be encountering in the East Egg of the twenty-first century. We might throw in a couple of links to business stories too.

The second edition of BeachComber will published over email in a few minutes. Sign up below by simply entering your email address. It's free!

(Also, if there's anything you'd like to see--such as league tables for nightclubs, Further Lane party invitation origami--let us know. We'll be happy to oblige.)