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Bernanke's Big Moment

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BigBen74: Hey, boss.
Maestro69: Who is this?
BigBen74: It's Benny, sporting the new handle. That's how I roll now, me being the new market-moving BSD and all.

Maestro69: sec
BigBen74: So, see that dollar action today?
BigBen74: Kinda like you in your day, oraclizing and shit.
Maestro69: Not quite the same thing, Benjy. In my time, Goldman would have chemists analyzing my tissue spunk to determine how elevated my testosterone levels were and if it would influence my policy-making.
BigBen74: Ew.
Maestro69: I know, and I'm like Peter North here. Ask BaWa.
BigBen74: ok.
Maestro69:I'm just saying, you're a long way off
Maestro69: Anyway, good on you for the $$ call. I meant to thank you.
BigBen74: what do you mean
Maestro69: Mr. G's been a bit cold these days, I've been waiting for the chance to tell Paulson to get back into the dollar short.
BigBen74: Come again?
MAESTRO69: Well, Benjy, I'm going to tell him to short the greenback again, then give a speech next week saying 'the nascent dollar rally is likely to prove short-lived' or somesuch high-hat crap.
BigBen74: Jesus, Alan, why would you do that? You really need to big-foot everybody all the time, don't you...
Maestro69: Does not compute.
BigBen74: People don't listen to you anymore anyway, Easy Al.
Maestro69: Wrong, Princeton. I'm going to note that 'the increasing globalization of market dynamics means that the Bernanke Effect is likely to carry less bearing on the market than the Greenspan Effect' and besides, there isn't much you can do to prop up the dollar. I already used all the bullets.
BigBen74: Just stop it.
Maestro69: Preacha tellin' the truth and it hurts.
BigBen74: why are you doing this to me?
Maestro69: You = :( Me = :)
BigBen74: you had your time to shine, this isn't fair
Maestro69: sorry Benjy, gotta go call Paulson and tell him to short that bitch.
BigBen74: so you're really going to do this?
Maestro69: Ka-ching! Spator, gator.
BigBen74: I hate you
Maestro69 has signed off

Dollar surges as Bernanke speaks out