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Canned? Cheer Up!

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Unemployment got ya down? Perhaps this little bit of perspective from DealBook will make you feel better about no longer having a reason to stay on top of personal hygiene-- you are not alone! Wall Street's been laying people off for years! If you can get it together to put pants on this morning, walk over to your bank of choice, and loiter around the lobby for a bit. You'll easily be able to find someone who was alive and working in the 70s/80s more than happy to regale you with a tale about a string of months twenty years ago when he had an excuse to pump the breaks on showering/shaving every day. You'll feel better right quick. Or, alternatively, if masochism is more your style, and you really want to feel the pain rather numb it, allow BDSM practitioner Andrew Ross Sorkin to shove a heel up your ass. According to ARS, "It is unclear where the bottom...will be...but [it is] getting worse with each passing day."
A History Of Wall Street Layoffs [DealBook]