Carbon Reduction Wine Consumption


We're currently engaged in a carbon footprint reduction offset program. Whenever someone tells us that they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, we attempt to increase our own. The idea is that our offset makes their reduction pointless, so they should just quit trying.
We kind of forget why we started doing this. But if we ever quit and join the footprint reduction fad, at least we'll know where we should get our wine. After the jump, a map showing you where your most carbon efficient wine comes based on where you are.

As it turns out, here in New York City we should drink French wine if we want to maximize carbon efficiency. The website LunchFood describes the line dividing West Coast versus French wine as the "Mason Dixon Wine"
"For all states West of the line, it is more carbon efficient to consume wine trucked from California. For all states East of the line, it is more efficient to consumer wine bottled from France," Lunch Food explains.
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Mason Dixon Wine [LunchFood]