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Credit Where Credit Is Due: Mayo Was Technically The First To Defecate All Over Citi

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We're all for unrelenting mockery of the Citi that never sleeps. That much should be obvious. But can we get a ruling on how much longer the story about Dollar Dominatrix Meredith Whitney downgrading the Cin October is allowed to be discussed before we move on to more recent anecdotal evidence of the 'group earning its You Suck recommendation, like CEO Vikram Pandit taking naps in the handicapped bathroom when that sort of behavior is expressly forbidden? The most recent instance, from the August issue of Bloomberg Markets Magazine, is actually not so painful in its rehashing of the tale, partially because it brings up a good point: Deutsche Bank's Mike Mayo, and not Whitney, was actually the first to downgrade Citi, though she's the one who's gotten all the glory (attention she professes to "love"). But mostly because it brings up this:

Together: Fuck hell yes! We are the motherfucking analysts-- do not mess with out shit or we will fuck you up quick two times!
Mayo: Do you see this bulge? Do you see it? Do you motherfucking see it? No, you don't! I had to tape it down because this is a family magazine! That's how big a BSD I am. On most days I scare small children, who are at eye-level with the Mayo Jar.
Whitney: I may not have a bulge, but guess what I do have, bitches? The severed D's of all the various CEO's I've proverbially castrated with my calls. They're on the ledge behind me, but like Mike said, this is a family magazine and needed to be hidden from the shot, hence the wide stance.

Mayo Gets to Citigroup First While Whitney Is Everyone's Oracle [Bloomberg]