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DealBreaker's Guide To Living Just Above The Poverty Line

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With the troubling environment of the financial world lately one must be prepared. The job market is flooded, and who knows when the next Bear Stearns will show itself. Jobs are in jeopardy and new ones are not easy to find. So one must begin to prepare for the worst. Money could soon be very tight and with that the wild men of finance might have to make some changes in their lifestyles. What are some of those possible changes in lifestyle that might be experienced? Well let's start with leisure time.

The first big change can be to those weekend getaways. Sorry guys, but Vegas just might not be in the picture anymore. Don't worry though; over in New Jersey there is a wonderful replacement, which you all should already be familiar with, Atlantic City. It might not be the Sin City, but I've heard that at night the tide glows. But that's not the only change, don't think you're going to A.C. in style, cause you won't. No more private limos, or absurd sports car rentals for you guys. In your new lifestyle you are going to have to travel with the common folk, by public bus. But changes won't end there.
Its not just life outside the big city that will change when the money stops coming, many other common pastimes will change as well. There is always one thing after a long hard day of yelling and cursing at your computer, that manages to calm you down and put a smile on your face, the strip club. For some time now the finance world has been a key supporter of the upper-class strip joint, fine places such as the Penthouse Club. These classy gentleman's clubs however are not cheap, it's easy to throw away hundreds of greenbacks before an hour has even passed. So if the men of finance wish to continue this tradition they are going to have to throw away those lists of the best of the best, and start venturing to the more questionable establishments, perhaps even venturing off the island into the other boroughs. There is one thing though that everyman does whether he is in Atlantic City, or the local strip joint, and that is drink.
Finance guys can drink with the best of them. There is nothing better after hearing that closing bell ring then to head off to the bars and start what usually is a very long night of boozing. But hours of drinking at the bars and clubs can add up, and if the bank account isn't as big as it once was, that money will be sorely missed. So perhaps the straight to the bar method is too much, and all that bottle service, well that definitely has to change. Its time to learn about a great lower income tradition, called pre-gaming. Pre-gaming is easy, you and your buddies buy cheap booze to drink at home before heading out, this is what gets you drunk. Then once at the bars you only need a drink or two, mostly to have in your hands for appearance. This might not seem as lavish, or as easy as going straight to the bar, but the difference adds up. So this all may sound like a lot to deal with, but consider this, most of the masses do deal with it. So chin up guys, life isn't so bad if your not being absurdly lavish.
--Senior Extra-Curricular Correspondent Ben