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Fashion Meets Finance: Even Worse Than You Think

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It doesn't quite rival commenter turned DealBreaker correspondent Investor Cluzo's report, but Radar reporter Neel Shah's trip to last night Fashion Meets Finance insanity gave us a good chuckle. Those fashion girls sure are bitter! And the guys are cocky! Expectations met.
"It's like you're never skinny enough, or slutty enough, or hot enough for guys here. It's such bullshit. They all want to fuck models," one size six twenty-three year old tells Shah.
"I know that if I go to a club tonight, I can find a hot girl and take her home. It's not a big deal. By coming here...maybe I get some stories out of it?" Dinesh Patel of Goldman Sachs responds.
Oh, and here's Radar's photo gallery of the event, which includes a complaint by a certain girl named Molly, who complains that none of the finance guys would dance with her and her friend. "Except one dude in a hat and green vest, but he's gay," she says.

Fashion Meets Finance