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Fed Case Against Spitzer Is Strong

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The New York Post's Page Six reports the Feds are close to indicting disgraced governor Eliot Spitzer.

The federal case against him is so strong that prosecutors had no interest in striking cooperation agreements with the ringleader of Spitzer's hooker-supplier, Emperors Club VIP, and his second in command, sources told The Post's Murray Weiss.
Prosecutors have records of Spitzer's transactions, phone records and taped conversations with Emperors Club, and are confident they need little more to nail him on charges that could include violating prostitution laws and money laundering, sources said. Probers are also said to be looking into whether he used campaign funds to pay for his pleasures.

It's too early in the morning for us to feign outrage or disgust at the revelation that a wealthy and powerful man favored the company of a young, beautiful woman to that of his wife, and was willing to pay for it. But we remember writing something about how the episode demonstrated a dark crack in the character of the man we had elected governor. Oh, right, here it is. Go there is you want to be outraged all over again.

Feds Have Spitzer Cornered
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