George Carlin's Influence On Tennis Playing Steve Schwarzman


As you, but not Yahoo!, know, George Carlin died yesterday. In his role as Kennedy Center chair, Steve Schwarzman said of Carlin, who was named the winner of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, "...[he] not only made us laugh, but he made us think." While you might be quick to say, "Obviously not too hard, Crabs, because Carlin spent most of his career railing against, among other things, the myriad bull shit ways people like you've gotten rich," it seems the late comedian was able to penetrate Crabby, conspicuous in his lack of golf playing, on at least one issue:

For those of you unable to watch, the above clip would be Carlin "getting tired, really getting tired, of these golfing cocksuckers" (and, you know, not just the fellators but the game itself, which he regarded as a "meaningless waste of time."). Clearly Jorge's words had a significant effect on Schwarzman, who's replaced golf with a sport nearly impossible for him to take part in, let alone excel at, anatomically speaking.
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