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Help Dick Fuld Prepare For His Impending 'Blessing In Disguise'

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Henry Blodget says Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld should step down because he nearly let LEH become Bear Stearns (Bearpont Morgan Stearns takes offense to that, btw), and, despite saving the place with a capital raise, wiped out the past eight years of stock gains, diluting shareholders by up to a third. The problem with this career advice, however, is that unlike his now-unemployed CEO friends from the Street, Fuld hasn't demonstrated any slavish devotion to a particular extra-curricular pursuit with which to pass the time he might suddenly have on his hands (Cayne: drugs, cards; O'Neal: golf; Prince: Canasta). A March profile of Richard Severin Fuld Jr. claims he's into weight lifting but how much time can he really devote to that? A couple hours a day, max? No, before he can be fired, we need to come up with something better. So:

What should Fuld's Retirement Hobby Be?
a.In the grand tradition of JCay, a drug habit. Fuld's will be 'roids, which will supplement the weight-lifting nicely.
b.Uno. No explanation necessary.
c.Deli meat connoisseur, in order to ingrate himself to Charlie Gasparino, who Fuld will look to to rehabilitate his legacy (Sandy Weill knows what we're talking about)
d.Dean of University of Phoenix's Business School


Dick Fuld Needs Your Help

Sleep where the former Lehman Brother CEO hath slept, while he was keeping a low profile post-bank collapse/plotting his comeback.

Dick Fuld Never Stops Pounding The Pavement

Last month it was lunch with Alan Schwartz, today this: