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Here's A Tip-Off You Maybe Shouldn't Give This Fund Your Money: AOL Address

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We spoke with the U.S. Marshall's office earlier and, sadly, at this time, they've yet to put a bounty on Samuel Israel III's head, but at least one enterprising vulture stands to make some dosh off of the hedge fund industry's biggest M*A*S*H fan. An unidentified seller from Islip, New York has put what he claims is an authentic Israel business card on eBay. The current bid is up to $6.00, and the auction ends June 19. In our professional opinion, the card looks pretty legit, though also extremely easy to fake, provided you've got some pelicans in your clip art file. As luck would have it, we do, and will be printing up dozens of these bad boys in an attempt to defraud anyone looking to bid on a little piece of history. Just like Sam would've wanted it.
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