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Highest Bidder Will Also Receive 2 20-Minute Magic Lessons, On The House

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Yesterday we said a Christmas card signed by alpha-generator extraordinaire Ralph Cioffi was the best item being auctioned off on eBay. Like Goldman Sachs, which self-flagellated Monday over a May 5 recommendation for investors to add to U.S. financial and consumer stocks, we just want to tell you how clearly, deeply, almost catastrophically wrong we were. The BEST item up for grabs, which we will have no qualms fighting dirty for, is a sealed deck of limited edition Bear Stearns playing cards, commemorating Ace Greenberg's March 8, 1999 50th anniversary, bearing his face and a money shot of the trademark bowtie.
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Marissa Mayer Will Personally Deliver Yahoo's Almost Lifeless Body To The Highest Bidder

"Pay me billions for this thing I broke" is a bold sales pitch, but Marissa Mayer is a bold executive.