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In Other News, You, Non-Cheater, With The Good But Not Great GMAT Score, Might Be Getting Into HBS This Year!

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I've got some upsetting news to share: a bunch of white collar criminals in-training have suffered a serious setback, their dreams of one day ripping off other people for sport and possibly--if cards were played correctly-- serving time, shattered to pieces.

Over a thousand prospective MBA students who paid $30 to get a "sneak peak" at live questions from the GMAT will have their scores canceled in coming weeks, after the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia granted the Graduate Management Admission Council a $2.3 billion judgment against the site, allowing GMAC to shut it down and analyze a hard drive containing payment information.
Schools that received scores from Scoretop customers will be notified, and the students will be barred from taking the test again, which proposes a problem for those applying to institutions requiring the exam. For those already enrolled in programs (the site has been around since 2003), expulsion is a possibility, though several schools, like Duke's Fuqua (which has had some ethics probs in the past) and Wash U's Olin said they weren't yet sure what measures would be taken. Joe Fox, Olin's director of MBA programs, told BusinessWeek that a lot will depend on whether or not they can get information on the frequency with which students used the site. High usage could be grounds for dismissal, yes, but one-time shots? Really such a big deal? Joe thinks no.
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