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Jim Cramer: The Jim Cramer Gravy Train Is Over

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There is no telling what the broader economic implications will be, but Jim Cramer announced today via his New York magazine column that the Jim Cramer Wall Street job window is closed. He will no longer be passing out any of the sweet gigs that he once horded in his back pocket, dolling out to children like pieces of hard candy. Not even at Goldman Sachs, where he used to work, and has many, many, many contacts. So don't even ask. The Jim Cramer largesse is O to the motherfucking V-E-R.

God knows why, but people often call me to see if I can help place them or their brother or daughter or nephew at a Wall Street firm. There was a time when I would happily say yes; sometimes my help even worked. Not anymore. These days, I don't even bother. The era of the big Wall Street payday is over. When people call me looking for a job, I tell them to try a law firm.

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