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JPMBSPNC? Stearns Morgan Mutual? Bearpont Morgan Banc?

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Despite having just changed the name on the front door of 383 Madison to reflect the newly formed JPMorgan Cayne, Jamie Dimon is said to be itching for one more big buy, having not yet conquered his substance abuse problem. Supposedly of interest to the JPM CEO are Washington Mutual and SunTrust and, to a lesser extent, PNC Bank, Wachovia, and US Bancorp, for reasons that include concern about future access to the Fed's discount window and a kinky desire to have virtually no white space left on his business card. The Post said it was unclear if there've been any "formal discussions" regarding an acquisition, or merely "casual CEO-level dialogues," along the lines of "Hey, what if we bought you?" "Hah, that'd be funny" "Yeah, it would" " wanna go bowling?" "Yeah, two shakes."
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