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Ken Thompson Thanks Wachovians On His Way Out The Door

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As his last day at Wachovia wraps up, Ken Thompson decided to send a note to all of Wachovia's employees, thanking them for putting their "extraordinary talent" to work for him. It didn't work out so well but there's nothing to gain in pointing fingers now.
Presumably his ability to send firm wide emails will be revoked shortly. Read the parting words after the jump.

TO: All Employees
FROM: Ken Thompson
RE: Thank You
I know by now you've heard that I am retiring at the request of the
Board of Directors and that Lanty Smith is interim CEO while a search
for a new CEO is conducted.
I could not leave without saying Thank You to everyone at Wachovia for
consistently offering up your extraordinary talent, commitment and
dedication. It has been an honor to represent you as leader of this
great company.
You have much to be proud of in the way you serve customers and support
each other. There are great days ahead for Wachovia, and I know you are
the team that will move the company forward and win.
Having worked with you for many years, I am confident you will continue
to devote your energy to Wachovia's bright future. Thank you.