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Lehman Loses, Sign Of Things To Come?

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As you know, last night Columbia's Baker Field played host to the big lacrosse match-up between Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. We were supposed to go but decided instead, from about 6:30 to around 10:00 PM, after everyone else had gone home, to walk outside sans phone/wallet/keys, in order to test the efficacy of the automatic lock that'd recently been installed on the office door, just to make sure it was up to snuff. Turned out it was. (In a remarkable show of symmetry, at the exact same moment, Jimmy Cayne was getting locked out of his apartment, though he had a much better excuse than sheer stupidity.)
Anywho, the Bear team (which is comprised of former Bears and Bank of America employees) ended up beating the pants off LEH, 11-4, a show we're very sorry to have missed. Poetic justice and all that shit. Although, in actuality, it would've been more fitting for the Bear players to have spent the hour taking free shots on Jimbo C, with guns.
BSC was the league's inaugural champion last year. Then the firm imploded. Will 2008's title winner follow suit? Stay tuned! (Although 2007 was the "official" first season, this thing has been going on for a while. Previous champs have included Amaranth, LTCM and Seth Tobias.)
Bear Avoids Collapse as Lacrosse Team Thumps Lehman [Bloomberg]