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Merrill Broker Staying Bullish In Afghanistan

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Kevin Zrenda serves in a military intelligence unit in Afghanistan, but he's still got Merrill Lynch on his mind. Last year Zrenda, who is a member of the National Guard in California, took leave of his job at Merrill Lynch's Pasadena office, to serve a year-long stint in Afghanistan.
Zrenda, who graduated from Harvard in 1999 and joined the Army National Guard after 9/11, has received numerous care-packages from his colleagues in Pasadena. And he returned the favor by having local Afghan artisans create a rug feature the Merrill Lynch bull logo superimposed over a map of Afghanistan. The rug, which also features the US flag, was flown over the Capitol to honor Zrenda's unit. The rug now hangs in the Pasadena office.
Merrill has continued to pay Zrenda's salary while he serves overseas, Charles Rogers, Zrenda's boss at Merrill, told the Pasadena Star-News.
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