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Michael Bolton Spawn To Attack Pirate Ship

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Michael Bolton offspring Holly Bolotin is allegedly suing Pirate Capital founder Tom Hudson. Longtime DealBreaker readers know that Bolton's daughters Holly and Isa were employed, in a variety of capacities (investor relations, stock picker, fluffer), by the hedge fund for a year or so. In December, Isa left for Silver Point Capital in Greenwich, and Holly was presumed to have been made redundant by Hudson's new girlfriend sometime in February. Apparently Holly took issue with her firing. Enter the suit. This is deeply saddening, for several reasons. 1. The incurred legal fees could be the final nail in the coffin for Pirate, which previously managed almost $2 billion, and is now at (ballparking it) 14 large and 2. If the scions of Michael Bolton can't put on a soft rock ballad and get along, there's really little to no hope for the rest of us.