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Mircosoft Can't Compete Without Yahoo, Carl Icahn Says

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Carl Icahn said Tuesday that Microsoft Corp needs Yahoo to be competitive with Google over the next five years.
"They can't compete" if the company doesn't acquire Yahoo, he said at the annual New York Financial Writers Association Awards Dinner at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.
Icahn cited Google's incursions into core Microsoft businesses such as word processing and spreadsheet applications. Microsoft's Word and Excel have dominated this area for years. Google recently launched its own versions of these products, giving them away free on its website.
"Microsoft needs this company," Icahn said. "They have to be on the internet if they're going to compete with Google. These applications are all going online."
Icahn owns 10 million shares of Yahoo, and has put up his own slate of directors to replace Yahoo's board. He wants the company to rethink it's resistance to being acquired by Microsoft, which withdrew a bid for the company earlier this year saying Yahoo was not cooperating.