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Not Saying John Paulson Is Behind This, Not Saying John Paulson *Isn't* Behind This

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San Diego developer Michael Crews Development is now offering two-for-one houses. If you buy one Royal View Estate home in San Pasqual Valley starting at $1.6 million, you get a 2,000-square foot cityscape row-house in Escondido for free. According to MCD's Dawn Berry, "It's our way of dealing with current market conditions to move some inventory...It's a straight-up legit deal; no prices have been increased, there are no hidden costs."
But guess what, I don't even care if there are, sign me up. Sign me up for four for the price of two. Sign me up for six for the price of three. Sign me and everyone else this type of thing is marketed toward, who still can't afford these babies but are seduced by the idea of free shit! Sign us all up and let's get this mortgage meltdown thing going again.

In Escondido: Buy one (house), get one free. [LA Times]