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Oil is only as expensive as you believe it is.

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The consensus at a meeting in Saudi Arabia over the past weekend linked the you-deserve-what-you-get wisdom of the bestselling and thoroughly obnoxious book The Secret with the rise in oil prices. OPEC basically told Americans and Brits that all their whiney Doomsday speak paired with US dollar woes, rather than a production shortage was to blame for the spike in crude costs.
The meeting, which hosted top oil producers and heads of state (including British heart-throb Gordon Brown), was held at the bikini-deficient port town of Jeddah and was a chance for Saudi royals to show they truly give a shit about the state of the world's light, sweet crude while sharing in favorite pastimes such as reclining and drinking coffee.
Despite hippy-dippy appeals to stop talking about it so much, the Saudis agreed to appease our oil-grubbing fingers, and pledged to increase output by a paltry 200,000 barrels a day (barely enough for our riding mower).
--by Senior Middle East correspondent Jessica Olien.


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