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Jim Cramer thinks Lenny Dykstra is a genius, and Jim Cramer is always right (in five minute increments), but still, you have to wonder about the business acumen of this guy Dykstra, who thinks he's going to see a 33% return on a house he's putting on the market in California this year, after owning it for ten months, do you not? You do. But, thing of it is, we don't want to break Cramer's streak of 700 spot-on calls (it's up to one week and counting now), so we're going to go ahead and say you should at least take a gander at this palatial spread. It features 8 bedrooms, a guest house, a carriage house, views of the Sherwood Country Club and Lake Sherwood itself, a pool and a tennis court, which Dykstra is trying to sell for $24,950,000, after buying it from Wayne Gretzky for $18.5 million on August 29, 2007.
Sure, it's a delusionally high asking price, but Dykstra isn't as dumb as he looks in this picture. Nails is throwing in some extras that will mostly certainly clinch the deal. The coup de grace of the package is LD's "Discarded Dips Of Distinction," a collection of chewing tobacco from the great moments in his illustrious career, tastefully encased in a white gold-flecked display case. Even the strongest/poorest among you will find it difficult to resist.
Ex-major league baseball player Lenny Dykstra asks $24.95M for mansion and 6.69-acre estate in Thousand Oaks, CA that he purchased last August from hockey great Wayne Gretzky for a reported $18.5M [Big Time Listings via US News]