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Quién es Más Macho?CNBC's Joe Kernen Says Charlie Gasparino Grunts Too Much In The Gym

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Squawk Box host Joe Kernen this morning compared CNBC on-air editor Charlie Gasparino to Stuart Shugarman, the Wall Street hedge fund manager who alleged he was assaulted during a spin class for grunting too loudly.
In an informal segment of the show referred to as "seats" (because the three hosts sit in directors chairs and talk about more light-hearted fare than the usual market chatter), Kernen said that he was glad that the accused Christopher Carter, a stockbroker, was acquitted by a jury yesterday. Kernen described people who grunt loudly in the gym as people who "you can't stand." Then he turned his fire on Gasparino.
"You know Gasparino grunts in the gym," Kernen said. "He's a grunter."
Kernen quickly added that he's unlikely to attempt to throw Gasparino around the gym the way Carter allegedly threw Sugarman.
"You going to go tell Charlie to stop?" Kernen asked co-hosts Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla. "Then I'd have the herniated disc."
Charlie Gasparino could not be reached for comment. Probably because we didn't want to call him at 6:30 in the morning.