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Scenario Contest Friday

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This man was spotted outside the Federal Reserve Bank of New York yesterday at 11:20 am.

[EV Grieve via Curbed]
What was he doing there?
a.This is Ben Bernanke's freshman year roommate, Chet. Bernanke was at the branch office this week and here we see Chet waiting outside with his souped up El Camino nearby, about to transport Ben and himself to this weekend's Renaissance Fair. Benji has been a Medieval culture vulture since his college days at Harvard. If only we had a shot of them pulling out of the parking lot, which was apparently made difficult by the fact that their jousts were sticking out of the rear passenger window.
b.Disgruntled Bear employee, there to avenge the bailout.
c.A member of Cayne's Crew. Apparently on Thursdays, they go to Medieval Times and dress in full attire. The fact that they're outside the Fed is meaningless, they just ended up there, though, to be sure, when Cayne spotted Timothy F. Geithner, he shouted, "Oh shit, we gotta bail." Moments earlier, just outside the photo, Cayne, in his extra-snug garb, was seen vomiting through his mask.
d.Your call.