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Seth Tobias Widow Thumbs Nose At Billy Ash Wedding Gig Offer, Show Goes On

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I know I speak for all of us when I say it feels so good to be back on gay pimp Billy Ash's radar. In his latest communication, Ash informs us that he didn't just land any old shlubb of a husband earlier this week but a real catch. The nuptials were fabulous, as to be expected, in spite of the fact that "the gold digging, 4 time married, whore Filomena" did not accept the role Ash so very graciously offered her as flower girl but what can you do? Fucking Palm Beach widows and their inconsistent notions of gratitude. Anyway, as Billy-boy, in an uncharacteristic state of lucidity notes, "life goes on," and when you're spending the week in Paris with an "on-camera weather guy who use to be a big deal on Wall Street," who's Jewish and "worth a bundle," there's not much to complain about, not even the unavenged death of an old friend. Full e-mail after the jump.

Hi Bess,
I actually married an on camera weather guy who use to be a big deal on Wall Street, and yes, he's Jewish and worth a bundle. The day worked out great because a lot of the guests, including us went to all the US OPEN parties. The weather was great on Tuesday and the ceremony was on San Diego beach at the famous Coronado hotel. There were about 250 guests for a formal brunch. Later that night more friends joined for cake and a night of drinking at a new night club called Universal. We are in Paris and thought that would be best to avoid all the press and crazy CNBC's Scott Cohen. His reporting and fact checking is way worse than the You got to love him...hehe. I feel bad for him but I did hear The Globe is I did ask the black widow, gold digging, 4 time married, whore Filomena to be a flower girl but shockingly got no reply. Hmmm, I guess she's to busy with her voodoo black magic, drugs, or gay porn stars. When you think of how crazy her life really is and she looks and sounds like a man, you got to think and wonder how some people get so much money? The only thing missing on the big day was
Many people have come up to me on this flight and Bess NOT one person said they didn't believe she killed him. I passed my polygraph that was given by the secret service. As I said in the past, any place, any time, I'm willing to polygraph on national TV with her. What is she hiding? She had refused the offer in the past and never has helped the police with Seth's death.
Filomena Tobias killed Seth Tobias. I believe everything she told me about that night. All the facts point to something really bad happened and she was involved.
Life goes on and I did everything I could to right a wrong. The family got most of the money solely based on my deposition and results of my polygraph. My attorney fees alone are over $100,000. I think of what she told me she did to Seth every day and can't imagine the pain Filomena put his family through by killing him. I know Seth Tobias and trust me, she'll never have peace.
Bess, on some days when I was sad with everything going on I'd see your funny column and laugh and push forward. Remember it was at your column that her sister actually threatened my life and that put your column in The Daily News and The Post.

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