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Sketchy Philadelphia Scammer Girl Gets House Arrest

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We might not have the boys of the Plotkin plot to kick around anymore, but we still have Edward Anderton, the University of Pennsylvania economics graduate who got into trouble when he and his buxom girlfriend Jocelyn Kirsch went on an identity-theft crime spree. The other day, Anderton pleaded guilty to six counts of conspiracy, aggravated identity theft, access-device fraud, bank fraud and money laundering.
Anderton was as a financial analyst earning somewhere around $65,000 at the real-estate equity firm Lubert-Adler. So, you see, he's really just another subprime victim. His girl, who seems to have been the one who came up with the couple's scams, begins house arrest today while she awaits trial. Presumably, Anderton's guilty plea is part of a bargain in which he'll testify against Kirsch.

Kirsch ordered under house arrest, must stay in Philadelphia
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