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Someone Is Undermining Vikram Pandit

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Nearly one month ago, Citi CEO Vikram Pandit announced his genius plan for making things work at the big C. And the plan was: a new motto. And the new motto was: Citi Never Sleeps. Obviously there were some naysayers out there, who scoffed at the idea that changing the company's slogan from the Blue Collar Comedy-inspired "Let's Get It Done" to one touting the fact that its employees are hopped up on amphetamines was going to do jack (except for maybe piss off Larry the Cable Guy). But we were not among them. We whole-heartedly supported the initiative, and any others that would serve to make Vikram Pandit smile. So, the sight of the following, really chafes:

That's right, a frame from a Citi computer's screensaver, flashing-- nay, mocking us with-- the dated motto. It's current as of yesterday, which makes us thing it's probably still up there today and will be tomorrow and the day after that. We don't want to know who's behind this (though odds are it's some jerk in IT with an axe to grind, or Chuck Prince), we just want it fixed. Until then, we won't be expecting much from Citi.