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Spinning Class Fracas Lives On!

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Hedge fund manager Stuart Sugarman has been assaulted once again, this time for audibly pumping himself up in a cardio striptease class ("You're so damn hot Sugarman! Look at you! You put those girls at Scores to shame! I'd pay extra to take you to the champagne room, yeah I would! Even with that herniated disc, you move those hips like a cyclone! I'd fuck you!").

Messing. Though it's not like that couldn't be true. Sugarman, the guy who was thrown into a wall, while still seated on his bike, for shouting affirmations at himself like "Yeah!" and "You go girl!" during a spinning class last August, has filed a civil suit against his assaulter, Christopher Carter, who was acquitted last week in criminal court. Sugarman is seeking unspecified damages. Equinox is also being sued for a variety of offenses, mostly awesomely, the fact that the gym notified Sugarman that his membership had been revoked while he was still in the hospital.
Not to get all Sugarman about it, but I am so freaking pumped right now! I will be liveblogging the shit of this trial, whenever it happens to be taking place. This is like my birthday, Hanukkah, Yom Kippur (I like to punish myself), and the day Charlie Gasparino sent me a soppresatta all wrapped in to one.
Sugarman, Victim of `Spin Rage,' Sues Broker Who Lifted Bike [Bloomberg]