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The Bear Stearns Name Lives On...At Least On The Lacrosse Field!

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A few weeks after it was revealed that Bear Stearns would be acquired by JP Morgan Chase, the Wall Street Journal's Kelly Evans reported on the unwritten fate of Bear Stearns champion lacrosse team.
"Among the remaining questions hanging over Bear Stearns Cos. is this: What happens to its lacrosse team?" Evans wrote. "Bear Stearns players are trying to keep the team together even though the firm."
Last year the Bear Stearns team defeated rival Lehman Brothers in triple overtime. It followed this with an upset victory over Credit Suisse to the inaugural Gotham Lacrosse tournament for the Wall Street league. Now Bear Stearns has been extinguished in the world of finance, while Lehman Brothers faces challenges that have forced it to go an extraordinary fund raising spree.
The first pages of the post-acquisition fate of the Bear Stearns team will be written tomorrow. For more details, follow the jump.

The Bear Stearns team is, apparently, still intact. Tomorrow on the green fields of Columbia's Baker athletic complex, Bear Stearns is slated for a rematch against Lehman Brothers. Can Lehman Brothers, which has outlived its rival on Wall Street, defeat Bear on the lacrosse field as well.
Last week, just days after JP Morgan's acquisition of Bear was approved by shareholders, the Bear team defeated a team from Capstone. After the first week of play, they are currently tied for first place with the Lehman and Credit Suisse teams. (Teams called Citylax, Sea of Green and also share first place in the field of 14 teams.)
Bonus: The team rosters reveal that Chad Chad Burdette, the Lehman analyst fired after he was quoted dissing Bear Stearns, is still on the Lehman team!