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The Enron Enforcers: Where Are They Now?

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It's been 600 days since the Enron Task Force disbanded after former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling received his sentence of 24 years in prison. As part of the wider commemorations of the anniversary, it was thought timely to check "Where Are They Now?" for a group characterized as a "huge success" and whom even the Coolidge Republicans of the Bancroft-era Wall Street Journal editorial pages said had "a good record overall."
The Justice Department's massive effort resulted in several dozen convictions or plea bargains, most of which have been upheld, and its breadth included Arthur Andersen and the London bankers known as the NatWest Three. In the light of unclear GAAP rules on Enron, the Task Force achieved regulation by prosecutorial deterrence.
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The fifteen Task Force lawyers have gone on to bigger and better things: Kathryn Ruemmler, John Hueston, and Cliff Stricklin took partnership offers at top firms in DC, LA, and Denver, respectively. Sam Buell opted for the ivory tower instead and teaches at The University of Texas law school. Matthew Friedrich now heads the Criminal Division at DOJ after serving as special counsel to Attorney General Al Gonzalez, while his former colleague, Lisa Monaco, was first special counsel and now Chief of Staff to FBI Director Robert Mueller.
Andrew Weissman, the second director to head up the Task Force, was also special counsel to Mueller and is now a partner at Jenner & Block's New York office. Leslie Caldwell, the previous director, is presently co-chair of the White Collar Practice at Morgan, Lewis & Brockius. Ben Campbell is the US Attorney for the Eastern District of
New York. John Kroger won the Democratic primary for Oregon's Attorney General race and followed this up by winning the Republican primary as a write-in candidate.
Sean Berkowitz, the third and last director of the Task Force, joined Latham & Watkins as a partner immediately after the disbandment, then successfully wooed Bethany McLean and ensured a lifetime of good press coverage (plus a table at the Waverly Inn).
In sum: Life has been pretty good to these guys.

--by senior crime and punishment correspondent Andrew.