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Their Contributions Will Not Go Unacknowledged!

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So Madame Tussauds, the very popular London-based chain of wax museums that lets you pose like an idiot alongside your favorite celebrities, is adding a new figure to its collection. Can you guess who it is? Here are a couple of hints: failed painter; moustache; wouldn't have been a fan of Lloyd Blankfein; final days chronicled in the documentary, "Hitler Sucks." Give up? Obviously we're talkin' Adolf here.
Yes, the pride of Germany's loins will soon be displayed in the museum's new Berlin outpost (sadly, the Times Square location will not be as lucky, but we're confident that the good people at UBS, who've not only got a predilection for the guy but loads of time on their hands, will do something about the injustice). A representative of MT told Page Six, "Madame Tussauds is apolitical . . . Our criteria are very simple - our figures represent either individuals who have reached the top of their chosen profession ...[or the bottom]."
Obviously, this got us thinking. Why should Germany be the only one who gets a lovely wax replica of a colossal fuck-up? The 42nd Street museum will probably stick to its narrow-minded "no genocidal maniac" rule, but a financial services wing, long overdue, would be welcome. Among our nominees for inaugural candidates: Jimmy CaCayne, Angelo Mozilo (the first replica in Madame T's history that will look more lifelike than the actual person), and Dick Fuld (note: his inclusion will be valid in two weeks' time). Did we miss anyone? Let us know.
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