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There Is A God: Tobias Case To Live On, Billy Ash To Live In Holy Matrimony Following $60,000 Nuptials?

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Yesterday we lamented the unsensational conclusion of the Seth Tobias case. To rehash our pain: CNBC reported that the two sides, bros (Tobias's brothers) v. hos (Tobias's widow Filomena) had reached an out-of-court settlement over the deceased Circle T founder's estate, avoiding a "tabloid trial," and shattering mine and your dreams of exactly that to pieces. We all cried ourselves to sleep and mourned for the televised freak-show of grandest proportions that would never come to pass. Then, out of nowhere, communication from a gay pimp-cum-angel. It gave us the will to keep on living. I hope it does the same for you.

From: William Ash
To: DealBreaker
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 1:33 AM
This is in response to all the media's e-mails and calls about the Seth Tobias murder. I'm very happy with the recent developments in this case. I know all the details of the settlement and I'm happy that Seth's family will receive most of his money and will not give a retraction. This settlement was reached solely based on my taped deposition and the results of my polygraph. If Filomena was not guilty of murdering Seth Tobias there would be NO settlement. Filomena was concerned about the details of her life of drugs, over spending, arrest for domestic violence, her children having to have the state step in, her hiring a voodoo princess and paying $100,000 to put a death curse on Seth, her spending thousand on psychics and black magic a week, her involvement with gay escorts and her not calling 911 when she discovered Seth body. The police never talked to her about the cocaine or crushed ambien CR found in her personnel safe with no prescription. If Seth had over dosed, wouldn't his fingerprints be on the bag? How would I know all the details of everything in September that happened, unless she told me? I wasn't in Florida. She had to tell me. She didn't want to further darken her name so she settled.
Filomena had restraining orders against her by husband number 2 and 3. This was a women filled with rage and anger, and it ended with the 4th husband, Seth Tobias dead.
Jay Jacknin claimed victory telling the media I was not her assistant but her psychic. I don't feel that is true, but that further shows how crazy Mrs.. Tobias actually is, that she would have a personal psychic for over 5 years calling upwards of over 30 times a day. Pretty crazy tabloid lives, but if you talk to Jay Jacknin this is normal for Palm Beach.
Filomena never helped or talked to the police about Seth's death. Filomena has never taken a polygraph. Filomena sold her engagement ring given by Seth. None of this sounds like a grieving widow but more like a black widow.
My attorney Steven O'Neil is in the process of filing a 1 million dollar law suit against Filomena Tobias and her younger sister Antoloni. Filomena will still have to face me in court for the false statements they have made and her lifestyle no matter how dark will come to light.
I've moved on with my life and spent a great deal of time resting in Europe, but will not let Filomena make false statements. I'll marry on Tuesday and be surrounded by 250 of my closest friends in a $60,000 celebration on San Diego's beach.