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Tomorrow, We'll Go Investigate How Things Are Looking In UBS's Back Office

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Whether you're looking for employment or just ass in the vicinity of Grand Central, take note: a male temp'ing tipster informs us that "there are high grade women to be found in Barclays' investment bank." And no, we did not send one of our interns to a temp agency so that he might sample the offerings at the various banks around town for your benefit, though now that I mention it, that's not such a bad idea.


Layoffs Watch '12: Some Barclays Senior Executives Want To Crank Things Up A Notch

Earlier this month, it was reported that Barclays' investment bank chief Rich Ricci was working on a little something called Project Mango,* which is similar to Bank of America's Project New BAC in that one aspect of it involves firing a bunch of people, as part of a plan to revamp the unit. According to the Journal, management is now putting the finishing touches on Project M and all that is left to decide is whether cutting 2,000 IBD jobs is enough or if they should think bigger.