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Toronto Dominion Bank Scares ESPN Columnist Into Calling Boston Garden By Stupider Name

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A columnist for ESPN's website recently received a letter from the chief executive of TD Bank asking him to stop mocking the name of the sports center that is home to the Boston Celtics and the Bruins. Bill Simmons, who is often called by his nickname "The Boston Sports Guy," described the message from the CEO as "the most eye-popping email" he had ever received.
Read the email after the jump.

I've noticed in your columns that you refer to the "TD Banknorth Garden" as "Whatever The Hell The Garden Is Called." We at TD Bank spent over $100 million purchasing the naming rights to the Garden. We would appreciate if you mentioned the "TD Banknorth Garden" by its proper name. With your large number of readers, it would make our investment worthwhile. Thank you.
Ed Clark, president & CEO of TD Bank

Simmons adds that he is going to start calling it the TD Banknorth Garden because Clark "probably has the power to screw up my credit or something."

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