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Voiceless Victims, Part II

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Last week we discussed the plight cheese shop and bagel place proprietors in North Jersey, whose customers are economizing by not buying $60/pound English Stilton, and canceling their weekly orders of dough and water. We also shed a tear the stomachs no longer being filled with lactose and lox. Today it gets so much worse. Investigative reporter Larry Wilmore traveled to Beverly Hills to get away from all this nauseating penny-pinching and what he witnessed was not for the faint of heart. Wrinkles, as far as the eye could see. Apparently, even the residents of 90210 are cutting back, and those whose faces would otherwise remain expressionless thanks to B-tox are now fully capable of emoting how pissed off they are about this recession bull shit. Of course, they're not the only one's being hit. Plastic surgeons, in an effort to offset losses created by those going au natural, are being forced to take on non-cosmetic cases, like those of burn victims and children born with cleft lips. Think about that, Ben Bernanke, next time you have to decide whether or not to hold rates steady.