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Who Tried (And Failed) To Save Bear Stearns?

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We're still going through the Vanity Fairarticle on Bear which blames, among others, Citadel, SAC Capital, and Goldman Sachs for bringing down the 85 year-old firm. But before we start pointing fingers, let's take a second to note the one party writer Bryan Burrough doesn't think had a hand in blowing the place to smithereens. And in fact, if I may be so bold as to read between the lines, seems to applaud for coming to BSC's rescue, albeit too late.

At 2:07 came shocking news: the first mention that New York governor Eliot Spitzer had had dealings with a prostitution ring. That news shoved Bear Stearns out of CNBC's headlines, much to the relief of the firm's executives.

That's right people-- Ashley Dupree. And, now that you mention it, Eliot Spitzer. Clearly his admission of patronizing hookers was timed. And try this one on for size-- how different do you think this whole thing would've played out if S 'n D had gone the extra mile and performed some sort of a duet that fateful day?
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