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Will Anti-Oyster Boy in Hamptons Break Down And Eat A Squirrel? Place Your Bets!

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Reminder! Beginning tomorrow at 8 am, Anthony G, the "Hungry Barbarian," will attempt to "survive" in the wilderness of his backyard in the Hamptons. For 7 days, he cannot buy or be given food; he can only ingest what he catches, be it fish from the bay, the neighbor's cat, a squirrel or his own flesh. Interested in making money off of the absurdity? Betting boxes are available for purchase in 1 hour durations, with the hours of midnight-6am counting as one box (i.e. 19 boxes per day for 7 days). $10 gets you one randomly selected box, $100 gets you 10 randomly selected boxes plus one box of your choosing. Email him at hungbar at gmail dot com. Last time we checked, the pool was up to $400. The site is currently down, but with the big order we just placed, it should be up to at least 420. Insider information to aid your betting decision: we spoke with Anthony earlier and he informed us that he'll be gorging on steak, potatoes, and leaf cookies until the last possible second.
Update: The pool is up to $700. Says The HB:

My mom just bought the first box (it's random for everyone else but she wants me out early so I'll be done with this so we let her have it) while my dad bought 11 boxes. He wants me to make it to day 4 because then he'll be up here for the weekend BBQing trying to tempt me with piles of dogs, ribs and burgers. Not fun.

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Bigger Than Bear


How To Get Yourself To A Place Where Taking Down Your Fund With One Trade Will Be NBD

Spend any amount of time working on Wall Street and you will soon learn that opportunities for stress abound, whether you're a first -year analyst getting reamed out for an extra space in a pitchbook or a hedge fund manager who just lost $1.2 billion in a matter of minutes. Those who are unable to manage the stress either 1) flame out or 2) become fat, irritable pricks whose change of having a heart attack on the job are high. Presumably, neither of those options sound appealing. But since the terms of the gig aren't changing, what's a ball of nerves like you to do? You might consider risking having the skin burned off your feet, or other such activities. According to Cornell professor Tony Simons, things like a 10,000 point drop in the Dow or seeing a headline flash across Bloomberg that your firm is being indicted-- things that you have no control over- become a lot less scary and cause for flipping out when you've been through worse. For instance, at the workshops and corporate training classes he teaches, Simons will have people do exercises like"firewalks" or have them "snap an arrow that sticks out of a wall with the point in the direction of their neck, by stepping forward and pushing into it." After that, dealing with stuff you previously thought was tough is pretty easy (sayeth one participant: "facing a loved one’s anger and negativity with calm, loving courage and not ducking away from it feels easier after breaking an arrow with the soft part of my throat"). One woman is reportedly planning to "get a firewalk tattoo to remind her of what she’s accomplished." For any employers out there thinking putting on their own Simons-esque workshop but desiring even better results, consider gathering up your employees and having them: * Commit to rollerblading down the Westside Highway to work for a year * Catch a bullet in their teeth * Go through the browser history of everyone at the SEC (no averting of eyes) * Play Spin the Bottle with Rick Santelli's favorite floor traders * Scale the Empire State Building without safety gear * Defend their position why HIG shouldn't spin off its property business to John Paulson on your company's internal sqawk box * Other